The AXA-POD provides iPod™ control via a Dynalite network. Preset messages are used to navigate through the iPod’s menus, skip to next or previous play list / album / song, play, pause, shuffle, repeat and iPod on/off control is also available.


When an iPod™ is docked it can be automatically selected as the audio input and then the Dynalite keypads / touch screens can control the basic functions. The Audio output is fixed and the volume can be adjusted by a downstream amp regardless of what level the iPod’s volume is set at. A classic iPod™ can be charged while docked. Track and Album info is not available over the Dynet network.


  • All interface circuitry is located on the rear of the wall plate
  • BNC connector for Composite Video Out (may only work with older series iPods)
  • Fixed stereo audio output (not affected by volume of iPod)
  • iPod cable can be easily disconnected from the wall plate
  • Control over play, pause, skip and all other simple iPod controls
  • LED to indicate the iPods docked status
  • Charges the iPod whilst docked (Classic model only)
  • Reports when iPod is docked and undocked
  • Individually addressable for multiple iPod docks